Management of Hot Irreversible Pulpitis with Radix Entomolaris: An Uphill Battle for a Pediatric Dentist. A Case Report.

Management of Hot Tooth Syndrome in Pediatric patient.

  • Vaishnavi Singh Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly
  • Dr Anshul Gangwar
Keywords: Hot tooth, Radix Entomolaris, N2O sedation, Behaviour Pain Scale, Opiod Analgesic, Local Anesthesia.


Background: Hot tooth with Radix Entomolaris anomaly is rarely occurring condition. To achieve anesthesia satisfactorily in patients with a Hot tooth, especially in pediatric cases, can be seriously challenging for the pediatric dentist. Hot Irreversible pulpitis is most commonly found in permanent mandibular first molars, where the patient may experience severe or intense acute pain during the access opening procedure, even after the anesthetic block. The present case report describes the hot tooth, causes for anesthetic failure and some of its management techniques with a case report.

Keynote: To the best of our knowledge, this Case report is the first report of Hot tooth Syndrome with Radix Entomolaris treated under multiple Pain and Anxiety control methods.


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