Clinical Efficacy of Two Denture Adhesives Among Complete Denture Patients: A Cross-over Randomized Clinical Trial

Keywords: Denture adhesive, mastication, complete dentures, prosthesis retention, patient satisfaction.


Aims and objectives: The clinical efficacy of different forms of denture adhesives have been inconsistent among studies with unclear differences among them. The aim of this study is to evaluate the masticatory efficiency and satisfaction of complete denture wearers without and with the use of two different forms of commercially available denture adhesives.

Material and Methods: 30 edentulous participants with new complete dentures placed one month before the commencement of the study were included in this cross-over randomized clinical trial (CTRI/2021/07/035238) which compared a powder adhesive and a cream adhesive along with no adhesive use. The objective assessment used the Edlund and Lamm index for masticatory efficiency and the subjective assessment followed a specially designed questionnaire. Both assessments were carried out on days 0,7 and 21. One-way ANOVA was used to compare the objective data and the questionnaire responses were obtained as percentages.

Results: The one-way ANOVA test for difference between the groups was statistically insignificant for all layers (P>.05). The questionnaire responses revealed that 53.3% of the participants preferred the use of cream adhesive over powder adhesive.

Conclusions: No significant difference in the masticatory efficiency was noted between the two denture adhesives and without adhesive use. Patient satisfaction was greater with adhesive use showing a predilection towards cream adhesive due to its longer duration of action and improved chewing ability.


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