Internally weighted denture for management of severely resorbed mandibular ridges : A case report.

  • Surabhi Thakur Surabhi Thakur Seema dental college and hospital, rishikesh ,Uttarakhand
Keywords: resorbed mandibular ridge, internally weighted denture, plaster index.


Rehabilitation of patients with severely resorbed mandibular ridges can be a clinical challenge where implants could not be a treatment of choice. Weighted mandibular dentures have been one of the treatment modality for the management of severely resorbed mandibular ridges. However in cases where the supporting edentulous alveolar mucosa is not appropriate for loading with a cast metal base, an internally weighted mandibular denture can be used. This article reports a case of severely resorbed mandibular ridge for which an internally weighted mandibular denture was fabricated with a customized weighted metal base using plaster index of the tooth arrangement as a guide. It is one of the non-invasive treatment option which provide stability, retention and function without altering the aesthetics of the denture.


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