Remineralization potential of GC Tooth Mousse and GC Tooth Mousse plus on initial caries like lesion of primary Teeth – An in-vitro comparative evaluation

Remineralization potential of GC Tooth Mousse and GC Tooth Mousse plus on initial caries like lesion of primary Teeth – An in-vitro comparative evaluation

  • Anshul Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly
  • Kaushal Kishor Jha Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly
Keywords: Enamel, Remineralization SEM Tooth Mousse, Tooth Mousse Plus, VHN


Aim: Teeth are constantly going through cycles of demineralization and remineralization. The ultimate goal of clinical intervention is the preservation of tooth structure and the prevention of lesion progression to the point where restoration is required. Thus promoting remineralization is the ultimate goal of clinical prevention of caries lesion. The present in vitro study aimed to investigate the efficacy of GC Tooth Mousse (CPP-ACP) and GC Tooth Mousse Plus (CPP-ACP)F  on artificial enamel caries in primary human teeth.


Methods and Material:    Sixty freshly extracted human primary anterior teeth were used in this study.

     The root portion of 60 primary anterior teeth was separated from the crown portion at the cemento-enamel junction (CEJ)

     Teeth samples were divided into 3 Groups (n=20 each). Group 1 as a control group, Group 2  GC Tooth Mousse, and Group 3 Tooth Mousse Plus containing dentifrices were used. Samples were subjected to 10 days of pH cycling protocol.

The changes were analyzed using Vickers Hardness Testing Machine and SEM.


 Pre and post groups were compared by paired t-test.  Independent groups were compared by one-way analysis of variance.



Micro-morphological observations of the enamel surfaces with SEM :

     Group 1 the enamel scanning showed shallow depressions and fine porosities within these depressions, Group 2 showed numerous granular particles and amorphous crystals which were arranged on the enamel surface. Smooth, homogeneous surface, and no irregularities were seen in Group 3.

Surface Microhardness Evaluation

  After treatment, the mean hardness Group III was the highest followed by  Group II and Group I (i.e. Group I < Group II < Group III).


Conclusion:  GC Tooth Mousse Plus showed a statistically significant amount of remineralization.

Author Biographies

Anshul, Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly

Professor, Department of Pediatric &  Preventive Dentistry

Kaushal Kishor Jha, Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly

Ex Postgraduate student, Department of Pediatric & Preventive Dentistry 


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