Biomimetic And Regenerative Considerations In Endodontics: A Review

  • Vivek Thakur M.D.S Conservative dentistry and endodontics
  • Vishal Sharma
  • Vishal Sharma
  • Anshu Minocha


Biomimetics, literally means to mimic or copy what is life-like from nature. Biomimetics provides a new technique for improving our understanding of natural designs and functions, as well as new promising paths for mimicking natural processes. The first part of biomimetic dentistry is the restoration of destroyed or degenerated dental tissue, resulting in the full restoration of both functionality and appearance to the tooth. Additionally, the material utilized can repair, reproduce, or simulate missing dental tissue. This concept is very wide and has been applied in dental materials, for the regeneration of lost dental tissue from the stem cells. Regeneration approach is a form of biomimetics that promotes for the restoration of damaged tissue using tissue technology rather than the conventional method. The purpose of this review is to increase our understanding of biomimetics and regeneration factors related to lost tooth tissue in the field of endodontics.

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