“Development and Validation of Professionalism, Perception, Fear, and Anxiety Assessment Scale of Dental Students about Dentistry After Outburst of Covid-19 And Its Variant.”

Professionalism, Perception, Fear, and Anxiety Assessment Scale of Dental Students

  • Neha Agrawal Dr.Z A Dental college,AMU,Aligarh
  • Deepika R S Bais Dr. Z A Dental College, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  • Sandhya
Keywords: Professionalism, Perception about dentistry, perception about online dental education, Fear and Anxiety Assessment





The rapidly spreading COVID-19 via respiratory droplets and aerosol made dentists treat only emergencies during this period as they deal with most of the aerosol-generating procedures. Not only day-to-day practice but even the education system has also been affected, leading to a new educational system through online teaching and learning.

Methodology: The study was divided into three phases: first, item tool development using Focus Group Discussion; second, content and face validation by a panel of experts; and third, psychometric testing (internal consistency, stability, and construct validity).

Results: The faculty Focus Group Discussion (FGD)produced three scale domains, whereas the dentistry students' FGD yielded 28 items. A group of experts certified the tools' content using LAWSHE's Scale. Two items were eliminated due to the content analysis, with a (CVR) critical of < 0.538. Using factor analysis, the researchers discovered many subscales in each domain: Professionalism: Empathy and Humanism, and Responsibility: Perception: for learning and clinical training, academic and social self-perceptions, and perceived infectability, as well as Covid-19 Phobia in Fear and Anxiety. It has a high level of internal consistency, as seen by the overall Cronbach's coefficient values. The content, face, construct validity, and retest reliability of the three domains of the instrument, as well as its subscales, were all found to be relatively stable.

Conclusion: The new tool was found to be valid and trustworthy. It may be used to evaluate dental students in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various institutions Pan India and different Countries.



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