Veneers: A Perfect Solution to Imperfect Teeth

  • Dr. Sudheer Arunachalam
  • Gontu Sneha
  • Susmita Mondal
Keywords: Advancements, CAD-CAM machining, Laminate, Provisionalization, Veneer


Porcelain laminate veneer is one of the most conservative and aesthetically pleasing methods we may use to restore the human dentition and enhance the appearance of an anterior tooth.  In 1928, C.L. Pincus introduced the Hollywood Veneer. He used thin porcelain veneers to make movie stars teeth more aesthetically pleasing. Over the past few decades, laminate veneers have developed into one of the most widely used restorative procedures in esthetic dentistry. They are considered as the primary option to enhance the  esthetics of anterior teeth and consequently quality of life. This purpose of this article is to review the literature and highlight crucial factors for the long-term effectiveness of porcelain veneers, including case selection, tooth preparation, provisionalization, cementation, and patient maintenance.


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