Management of Lateral Periodontal Cyst with Platelet Concentrate

  • Dr Vivek srivastava
  • Dr Elizabeth Huidrom
  • Dr Prachi Chandra
  • Prasoon Purwar Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute Of Dental And Medical Sciences
Keywords: Keywords- Lateral periodontal cyst, odontogenic cyst, non-inflammatory cyst, L-PRF,



A periodontal cyst (LPC) is considered a rare developmental odontogenic cyst, originates from epithelial rests in the periodontal ligament, and is a non-inflammatory cyst on the lateral surface of the root of a vital tooth. This case report features a 22-year-old female who complained of a painful hyperplastic lesion that had been present for two months between the distobuccal site of her maxillary right lateral incisor (#12) and the mesiobuccal site of her maxillary canine (#13). Radiographically, an interproximal periodontal cyst appears on the side of the root and extends to the apex of an involved tooth as a radiolucent area with a well-defined bordered by a radiopaque line that cannot be differentiated from that of a periodontal abscess. This case report discusses the management of LPC using surgical enucleation with adjunctive use of regenerative platelet concentrate.


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